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Rapid Baler Wire Delivery: All types, low prices, auto resupply
Order your baler wire and all other waste/recycling consumables: Call Enviro-Waste Now

Enviro-Waste can supply you with Baler Wire for all types of cardboard recycling balers, as well as a full catalogue of all types of recycling / waste consumables such as bins, sacks, and waste caddies. Phone now to resupply rapidly and find out how we make resupply MUCH easier for you!

Baler Wire Supply: Low-cost, Rapid delivery – CALL NOW
Rapid pricing and delivery on all types of recycling baler wire.

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Enviro-Waste is the leading provider of Waste Management Services in the South-East. We can ensure that you will never run out of baler wire and other recycling consumables: read on for more info and contact us on the above number for rapid quotations for your whole facilities.

Never Run Out Of Consumables Again

Why waste your time constantly re-ordering baler wire, bin sacks, and other waste consumables? We provide you with a unique time-saving alternative: automatic stock management and resupply.

Put simply, we will keep you in stock of all of your consumables and resupply automatically without any time wasted on your side. You won’t run out and you are still fully in control of your purchasing and stock.

No More Ad Hoc Purchase Orders

How much of your time and your Accountants’ time are you taking up by raising POs for each and every different waste consumable as and when it runs out?

We provide you with the better way of doing this, which is to resupply your full range of consumables, and consolidate all of the costs into simple monthly or quarterly invoices depending on your requirements.

Stop wasting your time  manually re-ordering baler wire and consumables every time you run out!
Call us to put your consumables stock ordering on auto-pilot, at NO extra cost.

The time-saving on purchase orders and payment administration alone is a great reason to switch over to the Enviro-Waste replenishment solution.

No Extra Cost To You

Keeping your recycling and waste consumables resupplied by Enviro-Waste will not cost you a penny extra.

Call us today to resupply baler wire or anything else you are running out of, to see how reasonable our prices are, and then we’ll help you get set up with putting your resupply on auto-pilot!

Grid of waste and recycling consumables including baling twine, baling wire, compactor sacks, bins, food waste caddies, bin sizes, and all colours of bin bags and sacks

Waste Consumables Supply: We’ve Got You Covered

If you are using baler wire, your facilities are certainly also frequently ordering all sorts of other waste and recycling consumables.

Enviro-Waste will save you time by putting your purchase and replenishment of ALL of these consumables on auto-pilot, saving you time and administrative hassle, all at NO EXTRA COST from your current consumables suppliers.

  • Baler wire of all types including galvanized baling wire, in spools and lengths to suit your needs
  • Baler banding strap
  • Baling twine
  • Enzymes for waste to water machines
  • Food waste caddies
  • Food bags and all varieties of bin bags
  • Kenbay compactor sacks
  • Bins of all sizes

 A rubbish lorry shape made up of a word cloud of keywords like Waste Management, Environment, Efficiency, RecyclablesEnviro-Waste: Rapid, Intelligent Assistance from Waste Management Experts

“Raising POs every time you run out of consumables is a hassle: we’ll manage consumables restocking for you. It’s easier and more cost-efficient!” — Daryl Barnes, Service Manager at Enviro-Waste EU Ltd

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