Tick No more ad hoc purchase orders…
Put your consumables replenishment on auto pilot!

Never run out of consumables again

Under Enviro-Waste restock management, your consumables won’t cost a penny more.

  • Does not cost you extra
  • No ad hoc purchase orders: replenishment on auto-pilot
  • Simple unified monthly or quarterly billing
  • Stock/consumption efficiency improved
  • Expert advice about your waste processes
  • Best practice for large & prestigious premises
The solution we put in place for you costs you nothing, but will massively save your time.

All consumables and waste categories covered

Automatic restocking of:

  • Baler wire
  • Mini baler banding strap
  • Enzymes for waste to water machine
  • Food caddies
  • Food bags
  • Kenbay compactor sacks
  • Bins
With no added cost, Enviro-Waste will free you from the inefficiency of ad hoc purchase orders for all your consumables.
All categories and facility types covered. If it's about waste disposal, recycling, and removal, we will keep your facility in stock.
Baling Twine
Bailing Wire
Baling Wire
Compactor Sacks
Compactor Sacks
Dropdown litre bins
Dropdown bins
Food waste caddy
Food Waste Caddies
Litre bins
1100 Litre Bins
Bin sizes
All bin sizes
Waste sacks
Waste Sacks available in various colours
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