Food and Recycling Specialists

Our aim is to help and encourage businesses to reduce their waste and carbon footprint by offering individual and effective solutions for all of their food and recycling needs.

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Towing & Lifting Equipment

Electric vehicles

Our range of electric vehicles provides solutions to almost every electric vehicle requirement you may have. From 10 tonne electric tow tractors to electric multi passenger vehicles we can provide you with a solution for your internal and external transportation and distribution problems. Whether you require an electric platform truck or an electric utility vehicle, we have the solution for you.

Material Handling Equipment

We offer a wide range of products to suit many applications and budgets including: the ROBUR range of standard, specialist and bespoke pedestrian trucks, Tool Handlers, Die Handlers, Inspection Mould Handling Machines, Plane Handlers, Tugs, Paper Reel Handlers and Carpet Reel Handlers. We also supply the Stanley Power Mate powered stair climber range.

What makes our equipment different?

  • From lifting or pulling 100 KG’s to 10,000 KG’s we have a solution for you
  • Simple to use
  • Electric vehicles are a clean solution
  • Our equipment can be built around your requirements
  • Our team who give you the customer the best level of service
  • 24 hour response call out



  • Towing loads by hand
  • Stacking loads by hand
  • Towing loads using electric vehicles
  • Stacking loads with electric equipment

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