Waste Compactor Hire

Enviro-Waste compactor in situ, Knightsbridge Estate. Contact Enviro-Waste for rapid, independent quotes on waste compactor hire or purchase.
Contact Enviro-Waste for rapid, independent quotes on waste compactor hire or purchase.
(Photo: Enviro-Waste compactor in situ, Knightsbridge Estate.)

Any facility generating significant amounts of waste ought to be compacting it at source, to reduce waste removal costs.

The correct choice of waste compactor is essential for making your waste management cleaner and more cost-efficient.

  • Outright purchase or rental agreements for commercial waste compactors from Enviro-Waste, leading UK waste management company
  • Urgent pickup/delivery available
  • Clear terms: no complex negotiations or hidden fees
  • Static and portable type rubbish compactors: we will help advise on best equipment choice
  • Wide range of models available, new and refurbished
  • Working with Enviro-Waste does not mean changing your waste carrier – we are independent and will advise you independently: we work with your existing waste carriers
  • We provide compactors throughout the UK to local authorities, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, banqueting/catering, office blocks etc – If you are not sure exactly which equipment is right for you, just ask us.

Call for waste compactor prices – no obligation, professional advice.
When calling us, you don’t need to decide everything in advance over the phone: we’ll work with you to determine what equipment is correct for your facility. We will come over to meet you so we can provide our trademark clear, logical waste management advice.

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Telemetry for compactors

If you are managing multiple compactors across different sites, ask us about telemetry: our software system receives status notifications when compactors are full, emptied, displaying maintenance codes, etc – allowing you to supervise usage and react to issues smartly.

Portable or Static Compactor?

A static compactor is fixed to a concrete base, and fills compaction containers. When removing waste it is these containers that are taken away.

A portable compactor is an all-in-one unit where the whole compactor is taken away to be emptied when it is full.

Portable compactors are preferred where there is less space and reduced access compared to the space needed for removing containers from a static compactor.

Static compactors are needed where there is a lot of waste being generated and there is adequate access for removing full containers.

In terms of electrical supply portable compactors can be a more flexible choice because of many models only needing single phase power supply.

Hiring a compactor will enable you to remain flexible on the choice of equipment if your waste volumes or locations change.

We will advise you on the best choice of equipment to suit your site space, access, and waste volumes.

Contact Enviro-Waste for rapid, independent quotes on waste compactor hire or purchase.
Contact Enviro-Waste for rapid, independent quotes on waste compactor hire or purchase.

Independent Compactor Hire Sales Advice

At Enviro-Waste we are dedicated to improving your waste management efficiency, and proud to provide you with the best quality equipment that is right for your facility.

With an increasing variety of new technology on offer, facilities of any size and waste profile are able to find a good choice of commercial waste compactor. The key is to get advice from independent waste management experts.

Properly managed waste compactors on site reduce smells and leakages, and avoid unsightly piles of rubbish awaiting collection.

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Looking for Recycling Compactors?

Mini Cardboard Baler
Mini Cardboard Baler

Interested in compactors and balers for dry recyclables?

  • We supply a variety of different cardboard balers so you can sell your scrap cardboard instead of paying to have it taken away in general waste
  • We can also provide equipment for compaction of plastics and polystyrene, as well as crushing of glass and metal
  • All our equipment is provided with training, correct signage, maintenance, and prompt installation/pickup

Please note Enviro-Waste also provides separate food waste disposal systems.

Read more here about avoiding contaminating general waste with food waste.

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