Waste Equipment Repair

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Call us for independent, expert waste equipment repair, maintenance, and waste management advice.

Enviro-Waste provides you with expert waste management services and this includes equipment repair and regular servicing.

As well as compactor repair for all types of waste machinery, we provide servicing for other equipment rented from us such as balers and food waste stations.

We service facilities throughout the UK and specialise in large commercial waste management challenges including shopping and leisure centres, hotels, schools, hospitals, and office complexes.

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Emergency / urgent callout available for faulty waste compactors

If you have faults or maintenance issues with your equipment currently, please call us directly and we will give you advice and service/equipment quotations.

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Waste Equipment Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common causes of faults with commercial waste compactors?

The most common is waste carrier vehicles hitting the unit. It is also surprisingly common to have compactors not working because rats have chewed through cables.

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Rodents chew power cables and this is a common cause of waste compactor breakdown. Yet another reason to avoid contaminating dry/general waste with food waste. See information about our kitchen Food Station on this site.

Do compactors usually need to be taken away for repair?

Not unless they are written off. In almost all cases repair can be undertaken on site.

We will come to you to inspect, service, and repair waste compactors – anywhere in the mainland UK.

When renting a waste compactor what kind of servicing should be included?

One annually is usually fine. This includes inspection of the following:

  • Checking hydraulic oil;
  • Checking seals;
  • Making sure all the electrics are in good working order;
  • Checking locks and latches are all good.

In general is training important to prevent machine breakdown?

Absolutely vital! Correct loading, avoiding contamination from wrong types of waste, and safe use of electronic controls are just some of the areas that must be covered in training. We provide this to your facilities team as well as organizing the correct signage.

Most of the waste equipment repairs we initiate for new clients were originally caused by a lack of training and supervision of operators. Training staff in the correct ways to operate waste compactors for rubbish disposal is not just about avoiding breakdowns: it is critical for your site health and safety standards.

Our goal with training is to make sure your use of waste disposal equipment is safe and efficient.

By avoiding breakdowns and eliminating risks from untrained operators, you get the maximum value out of your equipment.

We call this “sweating the asset”!

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If we have a problematic bit of equipment can we call you to investigate?

Yes.  Absolutely.  Our call out includes 90 minutes work on the unit.  Contact Enviro-Waste.

If we want to get rid of an older compactor or other equipment, can we exchange it for something newer?

Absolutely.  This is a common way to reduce the costs of replacing or upgrading compactors.

How can we calculate maintenance costs when costing out waste equipment rental?

Maintenance is easy to schedule and any provider of your equipment should provide you with their policy.  When renting compactors and other equipment from us,  servicing is built in to the monthly rental. Our goal is to keep you up and running efficiently at all times!

Does waste equipment on site need to be insured?

Generally speaking yes, a facility needs to insure equipment on their site.

What is telemetry for compactors?

The no.1 benefit of smarter sensors on compactors is that you can book and pay for emptying of the compactor only when it is full. It means better efficiency.

Telemetry also means the compactor reports any fault by itself, which speeds up response and reduces downtime.

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