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Waste Management Solutions - for efficiency, sustainability, and immediate cost savings

Enviro-Waste is a complete waste management solution provider, for UK businesses which are serious about improving sustainability and efficiency.

With the help of your unique Waste Management Program you will get back control over your waste processes and costs, and gain a recognized accreditation from The Green Initiative.

Food Waste Management

Producing Large Volumes of Food Waste?

Enviro-Waste supplies the latest food waste processing machines so you can reduce large volumes of food waste, at source in the kitchen, down to small caddies of dry recyclable shavings. We will help you select the correct equipment, install, and service it for you.
»See the Food Waste Station in action here.

Waste Compactor Hire

Low-Cost Waste Compactor Rental

Don’t get stuck with long expensive contracts from your waste carrier. We will help you assess your current equipment needs and set you up with reliable compaction equipment for any kind of waste. We will also help remove old compactors and provide a regular waste collection service if needed.
»Read more about compactors here.

Cardboard Recycling

Don’t Pay To Dispose Of Cardboard!

Any facility generating a regular volume of cardboard waste should not be throwing this away in ordinary mixed waste. Firstly, you are unnecessarily bulking out your rubbish and therefore paying more for waste collection. Secondly, environmentally responsible organizations should be recycling cardboard. Thirdly, if you have the right equipment and processes to bale up dry cardboard, you will be paid per ton to have it collected.
»Find out about turning cardboard into a revenue stream here.

Consumables Resupply

Never Run Out of Consumables

When you are using an array of recyling equipment such as balers, constant replenishment of consumables such as baler wire and rubbish sacks can be an administrative hassle. We take away this headache by keeping you in stock of everything you need, and simplifying billing to monthly or quarterly invoices.
»Get more information about recycling consumables here.

Health and Safety Training

Training Speeds Implementation

Better practices for waste disposal and recycling are not just about the right equipment. For rapid and lasting change to your processes, you need your personnel on board. We provide bespoke training in machinery and equipment handling, as well as installing the correct safety signage on site.
»Find out more about training provision here.

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